Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Malaysian Yoyo Championship 2012

Hi readers,

As I said on my previous post , on the 15th and 16th of December we had the Malaysian Yoyo Championship 2012 at Farenheit 88 , venue sponsored by Parkamaya and this is our 8th annual event ! Proudly sponsored by Duncan , Yoyoskeel, Magicyoyo, Godtricks, Showroom, Stussy, Audio Technica, Yomega , Spinworkx, Distrubia Distro, Kitty Strings, Werrd, Yoyoexpert, and Diamont Noir.

Alright guys , as i had promised you before, here are the videos of the top 3 players in Single A and Offstring division (4A) for the Malaysian Yoyo Championship 2012 (MYYC 2012). For now , there are only this 2 divisions were uploaded but as soon the double A (2A) and Counterweight (5A) division is uploaded , I will post it here. For more info, visit our Malaysia yoyo club website at or at our youtube page at

Single A division (1A) :
1st place : Jazli Iqbal

2nd place : Muhd Shakeel

3rd place : Hassan Marialis

Offstring divison (4A) :
1st place : Muhd Muhsin

2nd place : Ewin Ee

3rd place : Wong Kok Jen (KJ)

As usual , there will be an event video too ! So below are 2 videos that is made for our event. Enjoy !

Last but not least , our group picture for the Malaysian Yoyo Contest 2012. I am looking forward for our 9th Malaysian Yoyo Championship in 2013 ! So, yoyo players all around Malaysia , practise hard for the next MYYC !!! Im Adam , signing off !

Thursday, December 27, 2012


2012 has been a memorable year for me , there are ups and downs just like everyone else but I did manage to learn some new life experience. I've learned that part of growing up is to make a decision and live with the consequences.

Besides that , the Malaysia Yoyo Championship 2012 has just ended on the 15th and 16th of December. I will upload some of the videos here soon when I manage to collect all of the top 3 for the 4 divisions. Unfortunately, I didn't even made it to the finals :( , which is sad but I still had fun being the Emcee and hanging out with friends that I have not been contacting with for ages ! Friends from Brunei ( Edward ) , Singapore ( Thawhir , Fajar Siddiq, Darrell Mitchell , and a whole long list of them ), and I manage to make a new friend from the Philippine , (Christopher or also known as Tamayo !).

On the 3rd week of December, our very own Yoyoskeel director , Muhammad Shakeel Mohd Rose , has just open his own yoyo store in Sungei Wang Plaza , 6th floor Hong Kong Station ! This is a very exciting news for every yoyo player in Malaysia because this would be the first ever yoyo concept store that is available here in Kuala Lumpur. So if you are in the Kuala Lumpur area and wish to get your very own yoyos , do drop by there and get one ! They are selling yoyofactorys , yoyojams, and yoyoskeels plus they will even provide yoyo lessons to anyone that wants to learn yoyoing. Visit their website at

But wait , the excitement does not ends there. Beginning 2013, ANOTHER yoyo concept store will be opening soon in Sunway Pyramid, Asian Avenue. The owner of the shop is none other than Raymond Thian , owner of the malaysia yoyo webstore , 28spin. The concept store is called 28DC. This is what I am looking forward in year 2013. 28spin provides varieties selection of yoyos and delivery is available nationwide ! So if you are Malaysian or not, visit and get your yoyos now before stock last !

There will be more activities going on in the year 2013, even though I am not so sure what is install for all of us, but I am very sure it is gonna be an exciting and memorable event ^^ Plus , we did survive 2012. Now is the time to prank our future kids with the movie 2012 ! Till next time , I am Adam , signing off :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sorethroat house remedy

It has been pouring rain for the past few days. Such a lovely weather ~~ Peaceful and cold ~~ I love it so much but unfortunately ... I'm having sore throat now and it is killing me. Feels like there is a rock stucked in my throat. So, i got an idea on what to write for my next post, Sore Throat House Remedy. Maybe this will be helpful to you in the future. However this is just purely based on what I've experienced and somehow i got cured. If your symptoms still persist, please please consult a doctor and get a proper medication.

The home remedy that i was talking about is HONEY. This occurred to me last year , I was having the same pain in my throat just like today , and a friend of mine told me to take a big spoon of honey along with warm water. To my surprise, it works ! Lol. My sore throat was gone the next day and i felt all better. Just a quick note here, do NOT use metal spoons when you are about to gulp down on the honey. It is believed that the metal spoon has some sort of reaction towards the honey which causes a reduction in the honey's nutrition. It's best to be taken using a plastic spoon or wooden spatula. 

If you are suffering from a minor sore throat or cough, this home remedy instead of over-dosing yourself on medications. You could just take the honey by itself or simply boil a whole lemon and let it cool down. After that, squeeze the juice into a cup and blend it with honey. Add some hot water in it and drink it. Your throat will feel much more soothing and the coughed caused by the minor irritation will be eased.

If possible avoid any oily or fried food as this will cause more irritation to your throat and cold drinks or cold food (i.e ice cream) is a big no no. Plus I found out that drink hot Milo or eating any chocolate product will make your sore throat worst the hard way. So try avoiding that unless you have some crazy crave for chocolate that day, then by all means , help yourself. 

I've also tried drinking preserved "Limau kasturi" or also know as Calamondin in English. Trust me, I am not the type of person that goes for sour stuff but this preserved Calamondin really works. In order to preserve the fruit, you will need an air tight jar just like the picture below, some salt and sugar. First, clean the jar and make sure it is totally dry otherwise you will have mold growing during the preservation process taking over. Add sugar and salt , quarter of the jar and seal tight the jar. Next , all you need to do is to place the jar away from the sun and let the preservation process take over. It is a long process, it could take a month or two. The longer the preservation process takes , the better the remedy. 

Once the juice has secrete out of the Calmondin, you may open the jar and take a few spoon of the juice, even the preserved Calamondin ( if you prefer your drinks to be much more sour) into a cup and blend it with hot water. It should have a mixture of sweet, sour, and salty taste at the same time the moment you take a sip out of the drink. The level of sweetness and saltiness depends on the amount of sugar and salt that you added into the jar inorder to preserve the Calamondin. So basically this is up to your judgement.

I hope that this few home remedies will help you in some way or another. Once again i would like to remind everyone that this is a HOME REMEDY, it varies from person to person and it is not a certain cure for sore throat. Therefore, if your symptoms persist or gets worst, do consult a doctor. Have a great day everyone !

Friday, September 28, 2012

Work and Studying

Before I started working , I keep hearing other people's complaints in regards of working and studying is tough as hell. At first , I will just listen and brush it off as if it is not true. But boy... I was wrong. Working and studying is ACTUALLY tough.

I am studying ACCA currently ( to other ACCA students , you know what I mean ) on a part time basis whereby my classes are mostly at night on the weekdays or early in the freaking morning on the weekends. At the same time I am working during the weekdays from 8.15am to 5.30pm. So basically by the time I get back home , I just wanna lie down on my bed and enjoy the soft soft owh dear soft comfy bed ~ Lol.

I took for granted all this while when I was a full time student back in the days. I can just wake up whenever I want to and will be at home whole day. The only thing I need to do is just study at home and some minor housework. Sounds simple right ? But what on earth was I thinking !? All I do was on Facebook all the time and practically do nothing at home. That explains why I am always bored ! Now I totally regretted it.

So the reason I am writting this post is to let you guys know , mainly my juniors, be appreciative of the time that you have as a full time student. I know you are gonna be just like me back in my early years, I will just read this post and will just go "nah ~ forget it ~" but hei , a little advice wouldn't hurt right ? Anyways , December 2012 is our next exam , so to those that have not paid their exam fees yet , better be quick otherwise you will be paying a huge sum of money. Best of luck and till next time, see ya :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rebirth of 888

I bought this yoyo in year 2007. At that time , 888 was considered a trend as in everyone wants one ( well maybe not everyone but most of them ). This yoyo has served me for 3 years and im still using it. However, this yoyo did sustain heavy damage... It even broke my tooth !! LOL !

After suffering so many "dings" , I decided to satin ( rim repair ) it. Previously my 888 looks like the picture below.

As you can see , there are lots of scratches and one half of the yoyo's colour is starting to fade away. Oh i forgot to mention the word "dings". "Dings" is a term used by yoyo players when there is a deep scar in the yoyo or even a scratch. The tools used to satin ( rim repair ) this yoyo is a coarse sand paper , fine sand paper, and a driller.

The coarse sand paper is to repair the deep scars and to make the surface even again. The fine sand paper is to smoothen out the surface so that its not so rough during play. Lastly , you will need the driller to sand off the yoyo's surface by clipping on to the axle , turn on the driller and start sanding off the yoyo's surface.

This would be the end result.

Here is the video for the whole process of satining ( rim repair ) of an 888.

By the way , this credit goes to Ryan Lim for giving me a hand in satining this yoyo. Thanks bro ^^

Monday, August 9, 2010

Genesis Review

Ello there readers , im sorry for the delay in posting something new in my blog.. Really sorry ^^ ... No worries though , today im going to do a review on Yoyofactory Genesis..

Recently, I bought 2 genesis. 1 is the purple acid wash directed by Miguel Correa and the other one is a Jon Rob's edition. Below is the picture and its details.

YYF Genesis 135 Stats:
Diameter: 56 mm / 2.20 inches
Width: 43mm / 1.69 inches
Response System: YoYoFactory K-Pad (Slim Pad)
Weight: 65.7 grams
Bearing Size: [Large] - Size C (SPEC Bearing)
[Small] - Size A (SPEC Bearing)

(stats is based on

Based on my personal experience , its a really really stable yoyo. When I first got it , my first impression was it has a great colour to it ! Awesome acid purple wash ! Hahaha .. Same goes for the purple splash on the green colour. lol. The surface is really smooth and its great for grinding tricks.

At first throw, immediately there is this feeling of I accomplish any tricks ! Seriously, I may make it sound exeggerating but thats truth ! It has a light feeling to it and it doesnt vibrate much as my 888. Its easier to land tricks cause the gap is bigger. Its about the same width as a Protostar. Give or take a couple inches ^^.

Its good for sidestyle tricks as well as hoping tricks( eli hops ). Its not so simple to do rejection though cos of the shape of the yoyo but its really easy to do regen ! The big bearing makes it spins longer... I suppose there isnt much different for the bearing part cause its the same as the other yoyofactory bearings ^^.

There isnt much problem with this yoyo except for the part that once you hit the yoyo on the ground, it might vibrate. Mine just hit the ground the other day and its kinda wobbling now... Im so sad bout that part T.T...

Overall, its an awesome yoyo and I love this yoyo very much. Its a revolution for me and I hope for those who have it will have the same experience as me ^^. Please leave a comment or any other suggestions ^^

Thanks for reading !!